5 Unrivaled Tips to Boost Sales and Brand Awareness with Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful marketing platform for online stores. The social network has over 300 million active users. And 2 million users save shopping pins on Pinterest boards every day, according to Omnicore. The platform encourages users to organize their favorite posts into boards. Users search for inspiration and ideas on Pinterest.

The platform isn’t about exchanging information or generating conversation. According to Shopify, 90 percent of users consider Pinterest helps them choose what to buy. And 66 percent of users buy a product, which they’ve discovered after seeing branded pins.

Pinterest is a strong selling tool for eCommerce businesses. Pinterest users buy products they find organically on the platform at a higher rate compared to other social networks. The network reveals that 39 percent of its users are likely active shoppers. Pinterest users spend 29 percent more than non-pinners. So, here’s a list of 5 tips to boost sales and brand awareness.

Get Your Pins Noticed

Pinterest highlights that about 97 percent of its top searches aren’t branded. This is an opportunity for your brand to stand out. You’ll build brand recognition and improve awareness rates. Add your business’ logo in one of the top corners of your pin. Use an online tool such as Canva to add your logo and design your pin.

To increase your pins’ performance, follow the best practices. According to Curalate, images with a mix of dominant colors get re-pinned 3.25 times more than images with one dominant color. Use moderate brightness and saturation levels. Branded pins without faces receive 23 percent more pins than others. Limit your pins’ whitespace to 30 percent for increased performance on the platform. Use tall pins and maintain an aspect ratio of 1:2.8.

Have a Mobile-First and Consistent Approach

According to Pinterest, 80 percent of pinners use the mobile app. Make sure that your content is mobile responsive. If your pin links to your website, the page you’re sending pinners to must be responsive. Customize your font size to mobile rendering so your content is clear on smartphones. Maintain a similar feel and look for your pins and your online store. Posts which link to pages with similar visuals reach 13 percent higher conversion rates, according to Pinterest.

Create Your Pinterest Shop

Setting up a Pinterest shop will make your products available and discoverable on the platform. With a Business profile on Pinterest, you can add a “shop” tab. The tab redirects users to a place where they can browse through the products you’re selling. Pinterest’s “Catalogs” feature helps businesses import new products to their account. Once Pinterest approves the data source, the platform will generate Product Pins for each item in the uploaded file.

Leverage Rich Pins

Rich pins allow you to add information on the pin such as movie, article, recipe, product, and place. With the “Product Pin,” you can add real-time pricing, where to buy and availability information. Pinners who’ve pinned a Product Pin will receive notifications about price drops. To use rich pins, install the right metatags to your online store’s backend with Schema.org or oEmbed. Product Pins don’t let users buy your products off Pinterest. The Product Pins link to your products’ landing page, where users can buy.

Use Cross-Promotion

Online store owners can incorporate Pinterest boards on their website. Consider creating a catalog with your Pinterest board. For example, you can create a board for holiday or birthday gifts. The Pinterest board widget allows you to include up to 30 pins on your board. Use the feature to highlight the latest products you’ve added to your platform. When you cross-promote your social platforms on a variety of channels, you’ll boost brand recognition. Facebook allows brands to include a Pinterest tab on their Facebook Pages. The tab reveals Pinterest boards as they’re displayed on Pinterest.


With a high-performance Pinterest marketing strategy, you’ll increase sales and brand awareness. Pinterest users are likely to buy a product they’ve organically discovered on the social network. The platform is a place where users look for ideas and inspiration. On Pinterest, you’ll find a variety of tools, which you can leverage to reach unbeatable sales.

Use branded pins to make your posts stand out. Follow the best design practices for your pins. Your pins and landing pages must be mobile-friendly. Make your products available on Pinterest and create a shop on the platform. Use rich pins and cross-promotion to boost brand awareness and boost conversions.

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