We develop cross-border
online sales channels
We integrate effective ecommerce into the strategy of production enterprises, increasing sales up to 3 times

An integrated approach
to solving export problems
From creating an online store to logistics in 29 countries
Development and implementation of ecommerce systems in the marketing and sales complex
Analysis of the situation, creation and launch of a strategy for promoting products on the international market.
Product placement on international marketplace Amazon, Walmart, eBay
An increase in audience reach of 20-1000 times due to the launch of sales at the top giant sites.
Launch b2b and b2c brand online store
We establish sales, partnerships and stimulate transactions with companies, entrepreneurs and individuals. We launch sales from your site.
EU and US fulfillment
A fully thought-out organization of logistics: processing, collection, packaging, storage, receipt of orders. We guarantee prompt deliveries to addressees anywhere in the world.
Creation and maintenance of advertising campaigns
We stimulate sales through the comprehensive promotion of commercial accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and other social networks.
Trademark Registration
We take care of the whole process from development to obtaining a certificate. We will help you choose a sign, check for compliance with the requirements of the law, submit an application, draw up documentation.
Full operational support for ecommerce operations in the US and EU
We control the whole process and timely make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the requirements of the law, we solve the problems of the technical plan.
Product Certification, including CE, FDA
We draw up the necessary documentation for the legitimate supply of products in the United States and Europe, organize the necessary labeling of goods.
Get sales
in foreign currency
Stability and absence of risks regardless of the situation in the country.
Forget about crises and other obstacles to financial growth.
Logical results when introducing an online export system:
Receiving income in stable currency
Market expansion
Time reduction and cash costs on promotion
Product testing in a foreign market
Decrease in the number of intermediaries and staff
Keep track of customer achievements
Clear results in three major areas
Medical products - 2.5 years on the market
Launch date - 4 months
ROI - 4 months
Average check: 30$
Clothing - 1 year on the market
Launch date - 2,5 months
ROI - 2,5 months
Average check: 42$
Kitchen utensils
Launch date - 3,5 months
ROI - 3,5 months
Average check: 80$
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We have an action plan
for 1000 and 1 case
Generalized wording of the stages of work
We carry out a preliminary audit
We do an initial analysis of the niche, compare with competitors.
We conclude marketing contracts and commissions
We prescribe the terms of cooperation on payments, reporting and another 150+ parameters.
We form a strategic matrix
We develop your USP for quick and effective entry into the market, create and launch an online store.
Launch online sales
Within 45-60 days we introduce products to the EU and US markets.
We work with logistics
We complete orders and arrange delivery to warehouses.
We send payments to the current account in USD
You get money monthly on the 15th.
Do the sorting
We supplement the product matrix according to demand for the current month.
Reporting on the
10th of the month

You keep everything under control, tracking intermediate and final results. Every month we send a detailed layout on all parameters of the strategy and sales.

For you everything is as convenient as possible: a pdf-document comes to the e-mail, where everything is clear and accessible reflected. Plus to the report – next month’s development strategy based on analytics.

Svarog trade
8 years integrate ecommerce in the strategy of manufacturing enterprises.

Our company is people completely absorbed in e-commerce. We were the first and only in Russia to implement the concept of outsourcing multichannel sales on the international Internet.

75% of customers have been working with us for more than 2 years, their performance is constantly growing.

500 000+
Orders delivered
1 4 750 000 $
Annual customer turnover
Countries exporting products
Giant Marketplace
Large retailers
Expert understanding of the international market, representation in 6 different countries, attention to every detail, an integrated approach with maximum coverage of all sales channels is a natural key to success.
Ensuring sales growth on a quarterly basis
We make the life and work of the client as convenient as possible
Turnover increase up to $ 150,000 - 200,000 for 8-12 months
We use 6 types of traffic and build up online sales in record time.
24/7 customer support
Seek help and resolve any issues around the clock.
Legal support
Licensed partner companies in the US and the EU promptly help with certification, trademarks and other bureaucratic issues.
EU and US Logistics
We organize delivery at local facilities - we use all types of transport, optimize routes and reduce shipment times by 3-10 days.
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Market expansion for 960 million people
Even if you occupy 1/1000 of the international market, it will be a billionth profit

The market is rapidly moving to the Internet, because people are much more comfortable ordering than running around the shops. You can sell anything on the network. When your product is placed on an internationally popular platform – Amazon, eBay, etc., it is automatically perceived as high-quality and in demand.

If it is correctly presented, the information is constantly updated, adequate prices are set and campaigns are launched, profit grows exponentially and without your direct participation.

9 out of 10 attempts
to enter the world market fail
Act in a proven way - entrust the solution of the issue to professionals
It is important not just to put products on the market, but to take into account all costs - legal, financial, advertising, logistics. You can do online export yourself, but for this you will need to hire at least 10-15 additional employees, including remotely working in other countries. The staff must be trained, provide offices for work. It is also necessary to conclude contracts with logistics and law firms. Do not forget about the advertising budget - with an illiterate strategy, entrepreneurs "drain" millions on inappropriate traffic.
Be smart - outsource online sales. You save at least $ 2-5 million by avoiding unnecessary risks. You don’t have to invest money just like that. First, we research the market and demand, and only if your niche is economically promising, profitable, do we start cooperation. Your profit grows every quarter, and you calmly do business without wasting time on operations management.
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