How Effectively Diversify eCommerce Traffic Sources

Diversification is a crucial part of marketing a business online in 2020. You can’t rely on promotional factors staying the same, so adaptability is essential. Traffic is prone to change as individual sources become over saturated or platforms change their rules. Diversifying your traffic sources ensures you are not reliant on the whims of a single site. You can quickly change your focus at the first signs of trouble, maintaining a steady flow of visitors to your offers. So how can you diversify traffic sources effectively?

Build Relationships With Influencers

Successful influencers cultivate targeted audiences, building trust with many of the people who could become your customers. These audiences are consistently growing and strengthening, making them valuable assets. If you can build relationships with several influencers, you can tap into these audiences when required. Many businesses pay for individual posts on various social platforms, but you can get long-term results when you develop stronger partnerships that benefit all parties.

Alternative Advertising Strategies

Sites like Facebook and Google offer sophisticated ad platforms that reach vast numbers of targets. Unfortunately, though, these sites also have much competition, and prices rise accordingly. These platforms are notoriously strict with advertisers, so you could potentially lose an account with little chance to appeal. You can, however, opt for less popular platforms, such as Reddit, Pinterest, or even target individual blogs and forums in your niche.

Targeted Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are primarily used to grow your email list. You build a landing page selling the merits of a free report, video series, or other incentives, encouraging visitors to sign up to your list. Most niches will have various topics that interest different segments of the marketplace. Creating targeted lead magnets lets you increase the conversion rate by creating a highly targeted offer. When you have a segmented list of targeted subscribers, you can get better results from a smaller pool of leads.

Re-targeting Ads

You may receive traffic from various sources, but the majority of these visitors will not buy on a first visit. Re-targeting lets you stay in contact with these people, delivering targeted ads as they browse online. Banner ads can get shown on sites within the re-targeting network, ensuring you have multiple connections with your audience. In the situation that you lose a traffic source, it is still possible to advertise to many of the people who expressed an initial interest.

Evergreen Content

Much content produced online is only relevant for a short period, with no real long-term value. Evergreen content, though, can bring traffic long into the future. You can create pillar articles based on the main topics in your niche. These posts may need occasional updates, but they won’t have an expiry date on them. Quality evergreen content will get shared across blogs, social media sites, forums, and more, leading to an ongoing stream of traffic.

By following this process, your business is less exposed to change. Platforms frequently make changes that impact brands, often with little or no notice. If a platform is particularly useful, such as the Facebook ad platform, marketers flock to the site and copy existing advertisers. These hurdles are part of doing business online, though, and shouldn’t be feared. When you have a diversified traffic strategy, you can adapt quickly and never suffer any long-term effects from unexpected changes.

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