Direct-to-customer E-commerce

Private label projects and distribution are becoming less profitable for manufacturers and brand owners.

Launching of direct – to – customer channel and integration with international marketplaces shifts your sales up to 25-40% annually.

The advantages of having your own online sales channel include:

  • Promotion of new products and testing of product demand;
  • Growing brand awareness and end-user awareness;
  • Deep data analysis, accurate customer profile;
  • Selling personalized products, targeted promotions;
  • Revenue growth on marketplaces and online partner stores;
  • Manage inventory;
  • Personalized customer experience;
  • Product experts and brand ambassadors;
  • Experience omnichannel magic.

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Svarog Trade specializes in providing e-commerce services. Outsourcing simplifies business management, saves time, and it allows companies to focus on their core business.


  • In 2018, Svarog Trade fulfilled over 500,000 orders;
  • Total sales turnover equals USD 14.75 million, which is 110.5% more than the previous year;
  • Offices in the EU, US, and Russia.

Svarog Trade contributes to the development of the global e-commerce market. Our team provides services for the development of cross-border online sales channels using advanced technologies and international experience.